Metchosin Mycoblitz 2017


November has made its way around once again and I found myself in Metchosin for another Mycoblitz. With Southern British Columbia experiencing a colder and drier than usual fall, we were unsure of what we would find in the forests around Metchosin. To our surprise and delight, there was still plenty of fungi to be found. Psilocybe pelliculosa (Conifer Psilocybe) and Auriscalpium vulgare (The Earpick Fungus) were some notable collections that made their way into our baskets. Until next year!


MushAppreciated, Wearable Mushrooms!

Lactarius pseudomucidus

Lactarius pseudomucidus

Over the last few weeks, I've had the pleasure of photographing some of my friend Talya Florian's amazing mushroom jewelry. By drying her finds and using eco-friendly preserving techniques, her work turns the mushrooms we all love into wearable pieces of art. Check them out just in time for the Holidays at her Etsy shop, MushAppreciated

Every mushroom is freshly foraged from the lush forests and mountains of British Columbia, Canada (Primarily in autumn). After being carefully picked, cleaned and dried they are set in antique gold or silver rectangular brass bezels and encased in a clear eco-resin to preserve their unique shapes, colours and character. Each pendant is finished with a matching brass jump ring that hangs from an earthy-brown waxed-cotton cord.
– Talya Florian

A beautiful  Amanita muscaria .

A beautiful Amanita muscaria.